Pro Se Divorce

If you do not want an attorney to represent you in court or with any meetings with your spouse and spouse’s attorney, you can find Simple Texas Divorce assistance for the following divorce scenarios:

  • No Property Owned, No Children ($400) – Just as it sounds, this do-it-yourself divorce plan is for spouses who have no biological or adopted children and own no property. This is one of the simplest of all plans and by far the least expensive. We will draft for you all of the required divorce forms: the divorce petitionwaiver of service, and the final decree. You will also receive instructions for how to initially file your divorce and prove it up in the final hearing.
  • Property Owned, but No Children ($650) – Now if you do own property, your divorce will require a little more time and effort, but you still can have a pro se divorce. The plan includes all necessary divorce forms drafted by an attorney: the divorce petition, waiver of service, and the final decree. You will also receive instructions for how to initially file your divorce and prove it up in the final hearing.
  • Standard Possession Custody Agreement regardless of property ownership ($850) – A standard possession custody agreement has two different sets of rules, depending on if the spouses live within 100 miles of one another or not. If they live relatively close together, then standard agreements call for weekend stays, one overnight stay during the week, and swapping of holiday visitation for even and odd years. If spouses live further than 100 miles apart, then the only changes are the number of weekend visits and the removal of weekday visitation.
  • Custom Possession Custody Agreement regardless of property ownership ($1,200) – If you prefer to have a more customized visitation schedule than the standard custody agreement set up by Texas, then you need to look into this plan. This one will take a little more work, but if you and your spouse agree on everything regarding visitation, it should not take longer than a standard possession custody agreement.

Additional Attorney Services (as needed):

  • Qualified Domestic Relations Order ($600)
  • Complex Property Division ($200)
  • Special Warranty Deed ($125)
  • Deed of Trust to Secure Assumption ($125)
  • Power of Attorney to Transfer Motor Vehicle ($75)

Please note that none of these plans include the Court filing fees in the price. Additional filing fees may be required.

Simple Texas Divorce is a family and divorce law firm offering a flat-fee program for uncontested divorces in the State of Texas. We offer legal representation for individuals residing in Collin, Cooke, Dallas, Denton, and Tarrant Counties. We also offer pro se divorce drafting assistance throughout the state. Our principal office is located in Denton, Texas. We are unable to represent individuals outside the State of Texas.

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