Divorce Information Center

Have no idea what to expect during the Texas divorce process? Do you want to know how long certain aspects will take? Or do you just want to know some of the legal speak you will most definitely encounter? We have written out the entire Texas divorce process for your reference and education, explained child support, described the differences between standard and custom possession custody agreements, and provided a handy glossary of terminology you will need to know. If you’re looking for a little more detailed information, then be sure to check out our FAQs.

Divorce Process
– The ins and outs of the entire process, including how long it will take, what is required for filing a petition, the steps you will have to take, and what paperwork you will need for your final hearing before the Judge.

Child Support Overview
– What you can expect regarding child support, from calculating the estimated payments to how to receive it as easily as possible.

Conservatorship Overview
– An explanation of the two types of conservatorship, including the differences between conservatorship and visitation.

Visitation (Possession) Overview
– An overview of the typical visitation schedules and custom visitation schedules for Texas.

Divorce Glossary
– All the legal lingo you will come across in a Texas divorce proceeding, from the petition to the prove-up hearing to the various orders you can enter.

Divorce FAQs
– Contains answers to our most frequently asked questions regarding getting a divorce in Texas.

Additional Divorce Resources
– A comprehensive list of links for more information regarding divorce in Texas, including the State Bar of Texas, Denton and Collin County homepages, and Collaborative Law.

If you have any questions about the process or the divorce vocabulary that are not addressed within any of these links, please contact us.

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