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Pro Se Divorce Divorce Is Never Easy... But It Can Be Simplified.

Pro Se Divorce in Texas

Filing For Divorce in Texas - Without an Attorney

  • Do you want to get a divorce without a lawyer?
  • Are you hoping to get an affordable divorce without having to go to court?
  • Do you want to fill out your Texas uncontested divorce forms on your own?

Your Option for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Divorce in Texas

If you do not want or need an attorney to represent you in court or in any meetings with your spouse, then you can find assistance for a variety of divorce scenarios through a pro se divorce. Filing for divorce in Texas can be challenging, specially if you are doing without legal representation. Simple Texas Divorce is here for you in case you need legal advice during the DIY divorce process.

Even DIY divorces need the guidance of a professional. Call (940) 236-0972 today or contact us online to discuss your options with our team at Simple Texas Divorce!

What Is Pro Se Divorce in Texas?

The folded hands of a husband and wife sit on top of DIY divorce papers with their gold wedding rings and a pen

"Pro se" is Latin for "in one's own behalf." In divorce, pro se means you represent yourself in a divorce rather than hire a lawyer as your representative. Pro se divorce is only recommended if your divorce is uncontested and does not involve any complex issues involving marital assets or children.

How to File for Divorce Without a Lawyer in Texas

In a pro se divorce, you can download Texas divorce forms online or get them from the District Clerk's office, complete them on your own, and have an attorney review them before filing them. This allows for a DIY divorce in that you do not need to retain an attorney to represent you in court. Instead, you are essentially able to get a divorce without a lawyer by completing and filing your own divorce forms online.

Texas Uncontested Divorce Forms

Here are the pro se divorce forms (for a Texas agreed divorce), depending on if you have children or do not have children.

Which Pro Se Divorce Package is Right for You?

At Simple Texas Divorce, we offer the following packages for Texas pro se divorce:

  • Minimal Assets with no children – Just as it sounds, this do-it-yourself divorce plan is for spouses who have no biological or adopted children and own no property. This is one of the simplest of all plans and by far the least expensive. We will draft for you all of the required divorce forms: the divorce petition, waiver of service, and the final decree. You will also receive instructions for how to initially file your divorce and prove it up before the Court.
  • Assets with no children – Now, if you do own property, your divorce will require a little more time and effort, but you still can have a Pro Se divorce. The plan includes all necessary divorce forms drafted by an attorney: the divorce petition, waiver of service, and the final decree. You will also receive instructions for how to initially file your divorce and prove it up before the Court.
  • Standard Possession Custody Agreement regardless of assets – We will draft an appropriate standard possession custody agreement based on where each parent lives.
  • Custom Possession Custody Agreement regardless of property ownership – If you prefer to have a more customized visitation schedule than the standard custody agreement, then you need to look into this plan. This one will take a little more work; but if you and your spouse agree on everything regarding visitation, it should not take longer than a standard possession custody agreement.

Additional services on an as-needed basis include:

  • Qualified Domestic Relations Order – $700*
  • Complex Property Division – Cost Varies*
  • Special Warranty Deed – $125*
  • Deed of Trust to Secure Assumption – $125*
  • Power of Attorney to Transfer Motor Vehicle – $75*

*Please note that none of these plans include the Court filing fees in the price. Additional filing fees may be required.

How Long Does a Pro Se Divorce Take?

In Texas, pro se divorce can take as little as 12 weeks from start to finish when done correctly. Other pro se divorce cases can take longer – even a year or more.

There is a 60-day waiting period after the date you file for divorce before you can schedule a court date to finalize the divorce, which means it is possible to get a pro se divorce in just a few months; however, even uncontested cases can take longer without proper knowledge or guidance, or if mistakes are made. That is why it is important to fully prepare for a pro se divorce.

Have questions about our Texas pro se divorce packages? Call us at (940) 236-0972 or contact us online. You can also get started now by filling out your application online.

Start Your Simple Texas Divorce Application Now

If you have lived in Texas for fewer than 6 months, then you do not qualify for a Simple Texas Divorce due to residence limitations. If you have lived in Texas longer than six months, then the following questions will apply: